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If you can ‘get by’ in Microsoft Word and have a ‘smattering’ of Microsoft Excel, you probably don’t realise just how much time you could save by upgrading your computing skills.  Many people spend a lot of time carrying out daily activities in various applications – that they don’t need to do!

If you can achieve the same result with a couple of key strokes instead of several
minutes of cutting, pasting and formatting – how much more efficient would you or your staff be?  You’d have time to achieve more in your working day – and get better results too.

Most people don’t know the potential power of the various Microsoft Office applications – because who has time to read and digest the user guide or manual?  You don’t know what you don’t know!

Discover more about bespoke courses that will increase your productivity.... and if you want a qualification. An accredited Microsoft programme can not only take you through an easy to follow process for a variety of topics the application can perform, but also gives you a certificated application qualification at the end of it such as Microsoft Office Specialist, or Microsoft Office Expert.

You can pump up your productivity power the easy way – find out more about Microsoft open courses for business users and individuals and Microsoft qualifications with our fully accredited Microsoft Certified Instructors (MCT's) now.

Care to attend a Free no obligation Office 2013/2016//Office 365 productivity overview session? Then call us now on 01634 512345 

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